Best Home Storage Gold IRA Custodians You Can Trust

People today are looking for a haven for their life’s savings. Where can you find a custodian that can help you store your gold IRA at home? With the stock market’s volatility and the uncertainty of the American economy as well as the threat from the Chinese Yuan, which China is trying to leverage into being the world reserve currency, more people are starting to ask this question.

You don’t have many options left. Luckily, there is still one investment vehicle that is immune to the rise and fall of the dollar.

That investment is gold, and with the changes in your retirement planning needs and government regulations, gold is becoming an attractive alternative to the traditional stock-based 401k or other retirement investment methods that you can choose from.

When you have finished reading this article, you will be able to know the difference between an IRA dealer/broker, IRA custodian, and an IRA depository and what each does for you.

You will then be able to make the best choice for your future using gold as the way to secure it, giving you peace of mind knowing that when you decide to retire, you can get your money whenever you want or need it.


Gold Ira Custodian Fees vary according to the company though generally, they are highest during the initial setup of your account. Most custodians charge a flat rate that is usually around $150 annually, which is small potatoes when you look and the services they provide.

Other custodians don’t charge set-up fees at all, as many also sell gold coins and other forms of precious metals. These custodians make their money from the rising prices in gold and selling to those who wish to add to their portfolio. They also make their money from sales of the coins when someone wishes to sell their coinage early.

Here is another item to add to your checklist for setting up a Gold IRA.

The value of a gold coin-backed IRA may vary according to the metal as well as in the numismatic of the coins themselves. You can easily increase the value of your IRA with the addition of high-value gold coins.

Certain custodian services deal only in coinage, so you need to ask in the early stages whether they handle collectible coins in their Gold Coin IRA custodial services.

This can be a boon, as the accounting to run your IRA just got more complicated. You now have to account for the value of the metal as well as the intrinsic value of the coins. This is where gold coins IRA custodians can help out by providing appraisals of the coin’s aesthetic and numismatic monetary value well as current prices of the base metals of which they are made.

With careful selection, a Home stored Gold IRA may not only provide a hedge against inflation but may you a tidy profit as well when you decide to cash out your IRA in the future.

How about an LLC Investment?

With the major collapse of banks across the nation, such as with MF Global and the scandals of banks tapping into customers’ accounts to fuel their investment portfolios, many find that starting a gold IRA and Check Book IRA LLC is the way to go.

In this scenario, you set up a Gold IRA account and within 24-48 hours, the gold, owned by an LLC which you manage, is transferred to a local bank.

This gives you control of what is being done with your gold and prevents any mishandling by the custodians.