The Grocery Store Investment

The following will define WHO you are not only as an investor, but as a person and will determine the level of success you ultimately experience in life.

The Japanese use the same word for both crisis and opportunity. Because they believe out of crisis comes opportunity.

This is an undeniably CRA-ZY housing market right now. Properties sitting for months and months. Foreclosures hitting all-time highs. Mortgage companies defaulting. And no end in sight. Many folks are downright terrified – even some investors!

What about you – are you TERRIFIED or TERRIBLY EXCITED???

I mean – do you have any idea what unique and exciting time of your life you’re about to enter?? It’ll possibly the most profitable time you will ever encounter as an investor. While I’m certainly not routing for the housing market to stay so upside down – fact remains… The more unstable the market gets… The more decisions are driven by anxiety and emotion not logic… The more the “herd” starts running in one direction… And the more ENORMOUS the opportunity IS for YOU – the true investor, committed to helping motivated sellers with creative solutions and of course making outrageously profitable deals.

Frankly, I’m jealous.

Right now my family and I are in the process of settling down to Saint Augustine, Florida – so I’m sidelined for a little bit. But can’t wait to dive into that farm headfirst! Remember – what’s at the very heart of real estate investing? Motivated sellers, of course.

The crazier the market becomes… The more motivated they get… And the more opportunities YOU have. And no – not an opportunity to prey on desperate homeowners. But an opportunity to find solutions where mortgage brokers, realtors and banks have failed. Find that win-win scenario.

Flipping might be dead right now. Depending on your farm – some other strategies that worked like gangbusters 5 years ago – might also be dead. So what!?! When you hear those light-weight investors running scared screaming and crying – but it’s the same folks who only know how to play one card and now that flipping isn’t the winning hand they’re screaming like Chicken Little.

Remember – Crisis IS Opportunity.

Why do you need to hear this? First off, because I don’t want you to miss out on an enormous opportunity you may very well never get again. I don’t want you to get swept up with the herd and head for cover when you should be marching full steam ahead!

And secondly –

This housing market needs YOU. So many mortgage brokers led hard working homeowners astray. The realtors can’t find any way to help them. The banks aren’t saving them.

This really is your time to shine. To find solutions when everyone only sees problems. And to see opportunity, instead of crisis.

Whether you’ve been investing for a long time, or you’re just getting started, I really hope this message speaks to you in some way. Because this chapter in the history of real estate is unlike anything we’ve seen before and one we may not see again. And what you do during this time really define who you are as an investor as well as a person.


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